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Find out for sure whether you’re in the right career. Is your dissatisfaction a passing phase or is it a sign it’s time to move on?

Put it into

On the professional scene, many times we may not feel we have the support we need during difficult times. Achieving professional goals can be difficult and stressful.

Growth Consultant

Stuck / Confused About Growth & Not Sure Which Direction To Take?

Plan for your success

Find out for sure whether you’re in the right career. Is your dissatisfaction a passing phase or is it a sign it’s time to move on?

Business Consultation & Execution Services For Scaling Your Business !Exclusive Growth Services
For Those Who Wants To Grow

If You Are About To Start A Business, Or Just Started Or Already Into Some Business From Years & Willing To Grow To The Next Level, You Are At Right Place !

Career you’re passionate about is there for you

Whether your focus is on determining career direction, conducting a job search or improving work performance, you will have access to one of our expert career consultants and career tools.
StartUp Consultation
Be It Your Business Idea Validation Or Ready To Go In Market Stage Or Willing To Raise Funds Or Facing Difficulties In Marketing, Sales, Hiring Or Operations, Every Problem Will Be Answered !
Profit Consultation
Are You Just Working To Pay Bills Of Your Vendors, Rent & Salaries And Not Able To Generate a Decent Take Home or Your Profits Started Declining Against Your Sales, Contact Now !
Business Consultation
Facing Difficulties In Scaling The Business Or Need Another Brain To Scale With Your Existing Business Model, Exclusive Business Consultation For Specific Issues, Dont Wait, Contact Now !
Marketing Consultant
Not Able To Position Your Brand, Business Or Products In This Cut Throat Competitive World & Want To Get a Solid Impact of Your Marketing Funds, Contact Now To Avail Varun's Consultation !
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    Watch This Video To Understand the Importance Of Business Consultant In India

    If You Think Hiring A Business Consultant In India is An Expensive Affair Or an Unwanted Expense, Just Calculate The Cost Of Risk Involved In Your Business When You Do Not Scale Or While Taking the Wrong Decision/Direction.

    Varun Surana’s Establishments


    Brand Chanakya

    An Agency Which is Serving Businesses To Grow Through Digital Branding, Marketing & Sales


    A Venture Which is Serving Students To Grow With Modern Vocational Courses & Career Consultation

    MSME Story

    A Portal Which Helps in Business Lessons With Stories & Works As Statistics For SMEs & MSMEs


    Rajasthan's Largest & Well Moderated Online Community Based Startup

    Show Me Courses

    An Informative Portal For Students To Show Possible & Available Career Opportunities


    K S Surana Memorial Foundation is working for early education and some social activities

    Business Consultants Helps You To Scale With Smoothness & Less Risk

    Indeed, I Failed and Paid the Heavy Cost Of The Failure So I know, What Are The Things Which Can Lead You To Depth & Height, And I Built 5 Profitable Businesses After That. So, I Know What Things Are Going To Assist You In Your Growth!
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    It's time to dream big
    and discover your calling

    Look to the next step in your growth and set you up for success, whether that is in a few weeks or a few years. I'll help you to learn how to overcome obstacles and achieve your vision


    Read Some Selected Feedbacks Of Varun's Business Consultation Services


    He helps his clients create more love, happiness, and success through consultation

    Thanks for your excellent expertise with Digital Marketing! You are an integral part of making Succeed The Happionaire Way the biggest #1 bestseller ever!
    Love and smiles,

    Yogesh Chabria


    Staff of our company was in a desperate need for some motivational training to boost productivity and enhanced work environment and culture within the company.

    Aniendya Chaturvedi


    It’s very meaningful to connect with you Mr. Varun. Definitely, you make me more positive by giving the various idea with execution plan to boost my professional career. you work like a mentor not just consultant, which I liked the most.
    Kuldeep Dwivedi


    Thank you so much for giving us clarity on what to do with our next step in business. And it was great to know about new dimensions of revenue generation within our business.



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      for your success

      V- Value (Always Try To Add Value in Your Business)
      A- Accountability (Towards Your Growth)
      R- Reliability (For Your Dreams)
      U- Utility (No Junk, No Jargons)
      N- Neatness (So You Do Not Stuck In The Complicated Process)
      Let's Start The Growth Journey For More Sucess, Growth, Customers, Profit & Peace!
      Business Consultant | Marketing Strategist
      Business Consultant | Marketing Strategist
      Business Consultant | Marketing Strategist
      Business Consultant | Marketing Strategist

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      Acheieving your goals can lead to positive changes in all areas of your life. He promises to empower and educate you on how to take charge of your dream and achieve the success you've dreamed of. before moving for his paid services you can book a free consultation call with his team to understand their process in detail.