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Feeling Overwhelmed or Stuck in Your Startup Journey But Eager to Achieve Growth? I'm Here to Empower India's Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Visionaries with Expert Consulting Services Tailored to Your Unique Needs.

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best startup consultant in india - varun surana
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Startup Consultant & Advisor in India

With years of experience in guiding startups through their journey from inception to success, I, Varun Surana, am honored to be recognized as one of the best startup consultants in India. My passion lies in empowering entrepreneurs like you to navigate the challenges of launching and scaling a business with confidence.

Whether you're at the ideation stage or looking to accelerate growth, my personalized consulting services are tailored to address your unique needs and goals. From crafting winning business strategies to providing actionable advice on fundraising, marketing, and operations, I am dedicated to helping your startup thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Hire me as your Statistical Consultant for your Startup if you are

Business Model & Plan Preparation

Licences & Regulation Consultation

Go To Market

Pitch Deck For

Ready to Elevate Your Startup?

Let Me and My Team Drive Your Startup to Greater Profitability and Growth.

startup consultant in india - varun surana

Here is My Big Promise To all Startups

If you are seeking to turn your startup dream into reality or willing to scale fast, then we are here to help you. Take the first step toward your goal, by connecting with best  startup business consultant in India. Me and my team will guide you to build your startup into an established brand. Being an experienced startup  consultant in India, our crafted strategic plans will boost your leads and will acquire conversations.

Varun Surana

The Leading Startup Consultant In India

My Expert Startup Consultancy Services Include

As an experienced Best Startup Business Consultant in India, my field of expertise includes

Only dreaming big is not enough. You need a full proof plan for the execution. Me and my team evaluate the feasibility of a business idea and its potential. With an honest review and feedback, our team will guide you in future aspects of the business. We have a team of experts in every niche, so your evaluation of ideas will be benefited from fruitful insights.

Being a leading Startup Advisory Services In India, we provide you complete assistance in raising funds for your business. Starting from researching potential investors to pitch preparations me and my team will guide you thoroughly. Along with valuation guidance and fundraising strategy, we will also leverage you with alternative funding options.

Before establishing a successful business, it is very important to explore and research the market. Our team of experts do in-depth research of the market related to your niche and through data analysis, strategies are planned. Our market research also involves analysis of competitors.

startup consultant in india - varun surana

Me & my team give comprehensive assistance in developing a strategic and actionable business plan. Our planning includes scaling the business and expanding market research that will eventually lead to business growth. From marketing to sales every aspect of planning is covered.

My mentorship and coaching service includes goal setting and accountability handling to your team. Along with that, we will guide and train your team for facing the hurdles of a startup journey. Through skill development and networking opportunities, our mentorship will help you in achieving all your business goals.

We streamline the operational process for your startup to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. By designing SOPs we make the flow of running the business smooth. We involve KPIs in the operational process so that you can track the results of the strategies applied for the business growth.

Few Points You Should Know About Me
Before Joining Hands For The Consultation Services.

Born in A Middle-class family in a very small town of Rajasthan, Tried my hands in 8 Ventures & I Failed in 3 Out Of Them & 5 Are Now Profitable.

I have started from very small and was not having in fact decent resources in the initial days because no one was having any idea about business as I am the first entrepreneur in the family in the last 4 generations.

My approach was very simple from day one. I want to make something big and that approach made a lot of troubles for me, like bounced EMIs, heavy debt, zero personal life, zero savings etc but from every failure I was learning and improving.

I realised that doing small things is easy but doing big things needs a lot of dedication, knowledge and passion. I re-invested in my knowledge and skills and started working on that and I promised myself to not give up and started taking regular guidance

Today I Own 5 Ventures Which Has A Client Club Of 1000+, and Trained Thousands Of Students, Business Owners & Working Professionals & I Am On The Mission To Grow SMEs & MSMEs In India.

Major Areas We Cover

product development

Product Development

market research

Market Research

Business Plan

funding and finance

Funding and Finance

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Marketing and Sales

Human Resources

Operations and Logistics

technology and IT infrastructure

Technology and IT Infrastructure

customer support

Customer Support

growth and expansion

Growth and Expansion

risk management

Risk Management

partnerships and collaboration

Partnerships and Collaboration

data analysis and insights

Data Analysis and Insights

corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

intellectual property protection

Intellectual Property Protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Varun Surana is considered one of the Best Startup Consultants in India, having 15+ years of exceptional and invaluable experience. He not only gives a push to your startup journey, but he becomes a part of the whole procedure by giving his personalized advice in your startup’s best interest. His tailored solutions for your startup needs are something that makes him stand out from the crowd. The way he understands your requirements is commendable, and his comprehensive guide makes sure that it takes your business to maximum heights. “Starting from mind blowing strategies to creating smooth backend operations, Varun is your go-to person,” and this sums him up as the best consultant.

From planning to execution, I have covered it all. My services include business consultation, MSME consultation, marketing consultation, startup consultation, profit consultation, and franchise consultation.

Varun Surana understands that startups require extra effort, and it becomes quite challenging for the directors and CEOs of a newly launched startup to get hold of everything at once. The major challenges faced by business owners are a lack of manpower, limited digital resources, a lack of understanding of the market, and limited finance. Being the Best Startup Consultants in India, Varun makes sure that he solves all these challenges for newbies effortlessly. He helps startups with market research and by conducting realistic assessments of the company. Most of the challenges are easily solved by just his SWOT analysis, examining the business model, services, logistics, and technological infrastructure.

Because of his vast experience, he also understands the hurdles one might face while scaling the business, and thus, he uses various strategies to scale a business. Varun Surana prioritizes financial planning and management, before investing, he creates open-use budgets. Operational efficiency and expanding marketing research. The latter also includes a few of the business growth strategies like diversifying your offering portfolio, penetrating adjacencies, enhance digital footprint, utilizing influencer marketing, and refining as you grow. Know a detailed comprehensive guide to scale a business by Varun Surana: 

Fundraising is a crucial step for small businesses. As a profit-driven consultant, Varun Surana’s fundraising assistance includes tailored strategies, data-driven and analytical approaches, consistence monitoring of all the actions he is taking concerning your company, competitive analysis, and pricing strategies to maximize the revenue. With the expert planning his execution team helps in increasing profit margin. You can check out his detailed assistance by clicking here:

Yes, I and my team can surely help with in-depth market research and analysis for startups.

Varun Surana is one of the experts in providing Startup Advisory Services in India. He helps you with all the listed services in the following way:

Financial Planning: The team’s financial planning is such that it aligns with your business goals. He assesses your current business goals, financial targets, and strategies and then modifies them as per the needs and requirements.

Budgeting: Cost optimization according to operational needs is a major thing in budgeting, Varun and his team ensure that you do not have to go over budget, and still offer the best possible output.

Procurement Topics: Our service precisely covers your needs for negotiation, dealing, and contract management.

As a Startup Business Consultant in India, we understand that a piece of business information is of the utmost confidentiality. We take extensive measures to protect your sensitive data. To keep your data and crucial information secure, we take various steps; we use encrypted communication channels and secured platforms to exchange information to reduce the risk of misuse of information.

Your information is only accessed by the authorized team members who are involved in your project. Most importantly, we take your consent before sharing the information and data with third parties. We make sure that no information is used elsewhere and is solely used for your project purpose only.

Frequent and effective communication is a must to understand your business requirements. For the initial planning, we will coordinate with you to know your requirements properly. We do provide you with ongoing support and guidance after the initial consultation period. After we know your goals, we will communicate with you frequently and offer you guidance. The communication frequency will be flexible depending on your project and its needs.

Yes, our team assists you with developing a business plan and go-to marketing strategy. The team first does a competitive analysis and then creates a precise and thorough business plan catering to your professional needs. The consultancy team is a pool of creativity, and thus, we assist you in the marketing process with all the innovative ideas that make your startup stand out from the crowd.

We know that every business deals with different concerns. After the initial consultation, we create a business model and plan the strategies that are in the best interest of your business. Accordingly, the services are tailored so that you do not have to exceed the budget. We assure you that every strategy we create for you will meet the needs and concerns of your business.

The cost of consulting varies for every project, depending on the scope of the business and the services you demand or need. We will provide you with tailored pricing after a deeper and more detailed understanding of your business model.

You can get in touch with Varun Surana for consultancy services by emailing him at or calling him at 91 9783207700.

Please Take A Note, Before Hiring Me As Your Startup Consultant

If you are willing to achieve success in your business, then I am here to help you. My innovative and data-driven strategies will make your startup sustain and grow exponentially. But if you are someone who is looking for growth from the day you launch your business, then you can skip our services. Me and my team will help you step by step to establish your business for a bigger growth.

leading startup business consultant in india

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best startup consultant in india - varun surana
best startup consultant in india - varun surana

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