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Best Marketing Consultant in India

A marketing consultant serves as the company’s external advisor when developing and implementing marketing strategies. They comprehend the needs of the customer and use their experience to analyze insights, processes, and problems in order to suggest and implement solutions.

What Duties do Top Marketing Consultants in India Perform?

A marketing consultant’s duties vary depending on the organization and the project, but they often involve advising businesses on how to attract, engage, and convert clients.

  • Among the many services that marketing consultants can provide are the following:
  • Assessing current marketing initiatives and suggesting enhancements
  • Assisting in the creation, organization, and execution of digital marketing initiatives across channels
  • Educating other marketers about technologies and excellent practices
  • Offer workflow improvements or innovative approaches to attracting and converting customers.
  • Utilising analytical methods to measure the effectiveness of marketing initiatives
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Why Choose Varun Surana as your Digital Marketing Consultant in India?

When you employ me as your advisor, allow me to list some of the most crucial things I can perform for you. Keep in mind that you won’t obtain a decent Return On Investment from your efforts until you effectively implement a suitable strategy plan. Your company’s return on investment (ROI) must be assessed using the correct metrics so that it can be scaled depending on important indicators like improved conversion and increased market awareness.

A digital marketing consultant in India will first fully comprehend your work goals, create a detailed roadmap for you, and then set mentorship hours to track the business’s gradual expansion. We use a variety of methods to create client reports following the execution of a digital marketing strategy.

Being a business owner may prevent you from having the expertise and experience necessary to develop a solid marketing strategy and improve results after implementation.

Additionally, it could be difficult for you to choose the appropriate marketing channels and divide your spending among them.

In order to obtain digital marketing services that will aid in the expansion of your firm, employing a digital marketing consultant in India may be a wise choice.

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The Work Process

Varun Surana is the best marketing consultant in India who can help you create a complete marketing strategy, improve the message your company is trying to convey, and decide on the best marketing mix to reach your target market.

The majority of marketing consultants in India are in charge of organising and assisting with the marketing strategy’s implementation. To acquire the best outcomes from the marketing activities, they keep an eye on the present plan and make adjustments to operations. Let’s delve further and gain a thorough understanding of the professional’s duties.

  • Operations

Marketing experts are knowledgeable about strategies for expanding commercial operations that can benefit your firm. We aid the company in streamlining the operations that enable your company to operate more efficiently and produce more.

  • Profits & Growth

A company can achieve profitability by focusing on four important areas. By lowering costs, raising revenues, boosting productivity, and boosting efficiency, a consultant outlines how to evaluate a company’s profitability. We help you plan and make adjustments and increase your bottom line.

  • Management

A marketing consultant in India is aware that the true insights come from pinpointing the distinctive behaviors that align with the mission, culture, client needs, and strategic objectives of your company. They collaborate with your team to develop new ideas and co-create plans.

  • Structure

Enhancing your organization’s organizational structure is one of a marketing consultant’s key responsibilities. We are considerate enough to design a strategy that positions you for development in the future. The best method to create an organizational structure that supports your company’s growth is through careful planning.

  • Strategy

Before beginning our journey across a new site, we all used a map. We did that to prevent getting lost, too. The same applies to strategy, which serves as a guide for an organization’s success.

An organization’s marketing strategy is examined, holes are identified, a plan is created to close them, the program is carried out, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are measured, and goals are adjusted in response to the outcomes.

Key Highlights

Results speak louder than reports when it comes to transparency, but if you have a question, we’re always happy to hear it and help.
Results speak louder than reports when it comes to transparency, but if you have a question, we’re always happy to hear it and help.
skilled & experienced in all facets of IT services, including web design, software development, and digital company promotion.
With the proper and distinctive strategy implementation, my services are centered on ROI and bring genuine value to your company.
The cost of hiring and keeping the Manager is less than what internet business consulting firms charge.
Proven track record of managing projects for clients in India, the USA, the UK, Australia, and other countries across nearly all industries

What I Offer As A Marketing Consultant in India:

  • Brand Activation: From Designing a Conceptual Logo To Complete Ready-To-Go Market Activities.
  • Branding Consultation: Online, Offline, Viral Techniques, Moment Marketing, Adopting The Market Trends
  • Offline and Online Marketing: Marketing, advertising, and branding of your products/services and business on various online and offline platforms to get the maximum output.
  • Fund Optimization of Marketing: Improving your market strategies to smoothen the business process, and managing the release of funds for optimization of business and marketing, is necessary for optimum growth. We work on Funds optimization which involves polishing the market strategies in order to gain efficiency in business.
  • Influencer Marketing: Helping in collaboration with various influencers for mega shoutouts.
  • E-commerce Consultation: As an online marketing consultant in India, I provide information on how to start an E-commerce and how to get authorization. E-commerce or Electronic commerce is a digital platform that provides buying and selling of products and services and transferring funds using the internet or how to use third-party e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  • E-commerce Management Consultant: Assist you in optimizing your product listing and generating revenue while ensuring customer loyalty and brand integrity. The whole and sole purpose are to manage E-commerce and increase sales and demand through different strategies.

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