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Hiring a business consultant, business consultant in India

Hiring a business consultant in India is now no fancier and task of only large enterprises

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Hiring a business consultant in India

Hiring a business consultant in India is now no fancier and task of only large enterprises or big corporates. Even a startup or a small / medium enterprise is now a days hiring business consultants to avoid basic mistakes which becomes blunder after some time and hiring a business consultant always helps in setting up the business and scaling the business in right direction with appropriate timeline and proper utilization of available funds so you don’t burn your cash where it’s not actually required.

Varun Surana is offering business consultation to many enterprises and startups in India from 2018 and helped many businesses to setup their operations in smooths way, implementing SOP’s, scaling their businesses with right marketing & sales strategies. He has consulted businesses upto size of 50 Cr Turnover Annually.

Hiring a business consultant in India, business consultant in India,

Varun has served many industries like Education, Health Care, E-Commerce, FRP Products, Furniture Industry, Uniform manufacturers, printing businesses, plywood businesses, E-Commerce business and many others in the last 5 years.

Varun Surana’s Expertise in Business Consultation Domain

Marketing: Varun help businesses in setting up right marketing plans and smooth execution for the longer run so you don’t become invisible from market because he simply believes : Jo Dikhta Hai Wo Bikta Hai is Old, New Is Jo Sahi Jagah Sahi Samay Sahi Tareeke Se Dikhta Hai Wo Hamesha Jyada Bikta Hai !

Sales: Varun offers his exclusive training for the sales team and business owners to set the right mindset and way of pitching & selling the product or services according to the requirement and category of business.

Operations: Varun helps business in making smooth operation process with right SOPs, KPA, KRA & KRIs and right reporting system to avoid leakages of the business money along with right hiring & firing process.

 business consultant, business training, Business Consulting,
Digital Marketing: Varun is also founder of a Digital Marketing company who has served 500+ clients since 2016 and with that experience Varun helps businesses to setup the right planning and execution process of digital marketing like social media marketing, search engine marketing, lead generation, website restructuring etc. one of Varun’s industrial client recently got 400+ organic inquiries from their website and average order inquiry value was 5 Lac plus and they have received 3500+ resumes to hire 25 people in last year and got the best talent.

If you are
– Setting up a new business (Crossed Idea Stage)
– Planning To Scale the Business
– Planning To Start Franchise Model
– Planning To opt for Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy
– Willing To Automate Your Business in Coming Years
– Willing To Access Actual Business Freedom
– Facing Growth Issues
– Facing Hiring Issues
– Facing Cash Flow Issues
– Having High Debt Ration in Comparison of Sales
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Hiring a business consultant in India, business consultant, business training, Business Consulting,

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Varun Surana doesn’t offer any prefixed business coaching or business training because every business owner is sitting at different situation, position & size so customized solution is the only best solution if you are really willing to hire a business consultant.
Varun Surana

Serial Entrepreneur (Education, Tech, Branding & Community Based Businesses)

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