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Would You Like To Buy Blue Banana?

Would You Like To Buy Blue Banana?

Read Complete Post, Only If Your Answer is YES!

Would you like to buy a blue banana?

✔ There are some people who don’t want to go with various experiments so they will buy the regular banana…
But if you are reading this that means you want to experience something new and fresh at least for once and if your new experience will be good you’ll be exiting yourself from an established market of regular yellow banana…

But this blue factor influenced you really?

If Yes

It can be applied on your business as well if you feel that there is a lot of competition in your business, you can attract many customers at least for once if you can add this blue banana factor in your business as well

I know it’s not that easy but good things take a lot of effort…

The Key Lesson

Don’t go for too much new or unique product just simply add an extra factor in routine product/service and you are done…

You can also relate it with Blue Ocean Strategy

– Varun Surana

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