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“How To Increase Your Business Sales?” Probably, This is one of the most important and frequent questions in the mind of all entrepreneurs but a few of them only know the right answer and this is the reason that 9 out of 10 businesses shuts down within the first 3 years in India and it is considered that in order to survive for long years you have to cross 1000 days golden rule of business.

What that 10% of entrepreneurs know, which you don’t know only makes the difference and that is not rocket science.

Let’s understand a few important things of sales from scratch which may sound basic but works as the foundation of any business.

Know Your Market & Understand The User Persona of Your Customers


The most prominent task of any Marketer is to understand the ‘Target Market’. It’s the basic step of marketing strategy. The Target market is a group of specific people you want to reach. The better you understand your target market, the better you’ll be able to increase your business sales. A customer persona can provide tremendous value and insight to your business. It will develop a deeper understanding of customer needs and how to solve them. Definitely, understanding your market and customer persona will lead to prioritizing which projects, campaigns and initiatives can be taken to invest your time and resources to increase your sales. Now, one question tickles every businessman or entrepreneur how to understand the Target market?

Some of the points that every marketer should know while targeting or knowing your market:-

  • Identify why customers want to buy your product/service:-1
  • any business, you should have a deep understanding that why your product/service exists.
  • Who are your competitors in business?
  • about your business in relation to the competition will broaden your knowledge about your target audience and industry so that you can refine your market strategy.
  • Segment your overall market
  • segmentation is the process of breaking down a larger target market into smaller segments with specific characteristics.
  • Research your target market

Decide The Right Pricing (Value For Money Model)

Another important factor to increase sales in any business is to decide on the right pricing. Pricing is not just a number but how you offer your selection of products and features and to whom. A pricing strategy is a method of pricing a business uses to determine how much to sell its products or services. There should be proper value-based pricing to figure out how much your customers know and the exact amount they are willing to pay. This approach of deciding the right pricing will help to understand what your customers truly want and what products/services/features should be developed over time.

Reach Out Strategy To New Potential buyers every day

Brainstorming an effective market strategy is not easy work in a single day. New technologies are coming every day and changing every day. You won’t be able to connect effectively with your customers if you don’t have a customer in mind. Every businessman and entrepreneur must always look for prospects to reach out to new potential buyers every day. The goal behind this is to find how you can better present your product or service or what aspects might be missing from what you are currently offering.

Have a plan for recurring sales from existing customers

Do you all think that why these big e-commercial brands like Amazon and Flipkart have sales on particular days? This point will clear the goal behind their marketing strategy.
Acquiring new customers is an important strategy and essential to growing a business. But, it is equally as important to focus on existing customers, generate recurring revenue, and lower your customer acquisition cost. A recurring sales strategy is an amazing way to drive customer loyalty and establish a business authority. It can be easily implemented into any pre-existing sales plan and doesn’t require any maintenance or ongoing support. Hence, this will lead to business growth and increase your business sales. Lastly, they greatly influence brand loyalty, word of mouth, and recurring sales as a whole.

Write effective ad campaigns to convert your marketing efforts into sales


How To Increase Your Business Sales

You all have played the game Dumb Charades. In this game, when you try to act out a film’s name then you think that it is easy to decrypt but the opposite one doesn’t have a clue. The same happens when you try to explain your products or services through ad campaigns. You must know who you are targeting in your campaign before writing ad campaigns. The marketing campaign should be as specific as possible. Therefore, writing effective ad campaigns is an essential component in business that can increase your business sales.



Before jumping to any business, one should identify and have a deep understanding of the points mentioned above. Each of the tips above should help increase sales for your business but don’t be overwhelmed by the list. Each of these strategies is a powerful revenue generator in the right circumstances & will increase your business sales. Still, the optimum choices for your business will depend upon your understanding and knowledge of the customers you serve.

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