Varun Surana

Career Consultant in India

Understanding a student’s concerns and providing them with guidance and professional road maps is the art of career counselling.

We are aware of how challenging it can be to seek clarification on career planning, college choices, and stream choices. It is essential that students receive career counselling from the appropriate career counsellor in India at the appropriate time.

That’s where we come into the equation: To assist you in concentrating on your ideal career

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Developing the Landscape of Career Counseling

Solutions for Comprehensive Career Counselling

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The best career coach in India, gives students the tools they need to choose their ideal career with our top-notch career assessment and individualised counselling.

Provide students all the tools they need to learn everything there is to know about the working world, including extensive career libraries, career blogs, and career vlogs.

With our comprehensive assistance with college applications, scholarship campaigns, and corporate internship programmes, we help students get into the colleges of their dreams.

What We Offer

Individualized, professional services and assistance for all parties involved in the career counselling process

Subject and Stream Selection

Advanced evaluation and individualised advice will assist you in choosing the ideal stream and subjects that will best match you with the appropriate vocations.

Career Planning & Selection

Finding your ideal vocation and selecting the best course and college are made easier with the help of professional guidance and a 5-dimensional assessment.

Career Selection & Evaluation

Using a 5-dimensional assessment and superior counselling, you can find your ideal career and decide what to do next.

The Career Coach – Mr. Varun Surana

Varun Surana is a seasoned and well-respected career counsellor in India who works tirelessly to support students in achieving their goals. Varun has 12+ years of expertise in the field of guidance and counselling, and he is also a serial entrepreneur in addition to being a career counsellor, coach, and mentor. With the establishment of “EduWings & Show Me Course,” Mr. Varun Surana has expanded on his passion and is now able to serve students of all ages and backgrounds.

He offers information on numerous career opportunities and potential futures. He doesn’t utilise any software, pre-loaded reports, or artificial intelligence (AI) technologies; instead, he base all of his career counselling only on his own experience, which he have gained from his educational endeavours. Thousands of students have been raised under his direction to date. He is providing career advice only because it fulfils his passion. (However, he do charge a small fees for serious onboardings).

Career Counselling Platform

Show Me Courses

A platform dedicated for making it easy for students who want to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate jobs in India and overseas to choose courses, colleges, internships or any educational programmes,  and career options.

Show me Courses is a platform created by a prominent career counsellor in India, Mr. Varun Surana to give candidates the best and the highest calibre of material while motivating them to concentrate on the importance of their objectives. They provide a full range of information and updates for the ideal space. To help students reach the objectives, they also collaborate with the current plans or offer completely build solutions. The approach is based on a commercial and educational strategy which is the cornerstone of all we do.

How can we support you in your career path?

Selecting the correct stream after the tenth can be perplexing

Consult with career specialists for advice!

Benefit from individual instruction/guidance in classes 9th and 10th.

  • Choose the appropriate stream or subject
  • Choose the ideal college for you
  • Early life goal selection
  • Increased likelihood of studying abroad
  • Make plans for a career that you actually enjoy

Course, College/University or Abroad Education?

Pick what’s important!

  • Find the course that fits you the best
  • Keep up with the competition
  • Find and enrol in the college of your dreams
  • Get ready for prestigious tests and applications
  • Investigate your options for studying abroad

Should I study abroad or get a career upgrade?

Decide what suits you the best!

  • Recognize the competitive environment
  • Learn about the newest trends & careers
  • Investigate your alternatives for studying abroad
  • Choose a job that best fits you
  • Build the career of your dreams

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The Right Time to Consult a Career Coach in India

A telescopic picture of your skills and abilities, which finally points you in the direction of the ideal vocation, can be obtained at any time. Most students who recently have started class in grades 10 or 12 can benefit right away. It is best to always be one step ahead of things as a result.

If you start early, a career coach in India can help you can make well-informed decisions for your long-term plans. Additionally, it reduces any last-minute complications or delays.

You will receive all the assistance you need from a job consultant in India; Varun Surana to discover your life’s purpose. He will guide you in the correct direction, allow you to choose what is best for you, and encourage you through all the problems that are bound to come your way, just like a best friend would.

Get in touch today with the best career consultant in India.