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Best Career Consultant In India

As a career consultant in India, I provide information on various career options and future possibilities. My career counseling is purely based on my experience which comes from my Educational ventures, till now thousands of students have been nurtured under my guidance & I don’t use any kind of software, pre-loaded reports, or any AI tools. I am offering career counseling just to serve my passion. (Though I charge a nominal fee for serious onboardings)

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What I Offer As Career Consultant In India :

1. Stream Opt: Stream Opt is helpful for Making the Right Career Choice. We make you aware of all the opportunities so that you don’t miss the best option. This program is designed for 10th-class students where I help them to select suitable streams for them.

2. In Demand: This program is for young adults and college aspirants to provide them the information about the best-renowned colleges and universities for pursuing their careers for the betterment of their future according to their dreams and budget. 

3. Kaushal Bhoomi: Kaushal (Skill) is like steering your life which directs the whole life in a strategical way and we help in selecting the suitable skill set for students according to their interests. 

4. Dropout Dude: Fedup with your education/course, influenced by some renowned college dropouts, and planning to do the same?

Wait, let’s connect to understand your potential, possibilities & In-depth Analysis before making such a big decision. 

5. Fly High: We provide the best career counselling for abroad education. Studying abroad gives students a global perspective and keeps them competitive in the industry. One can learn more about global culture, economics, and inter/intra-relations while studying abroad but there are some other great possibilities in the economic budget as well and I help students in exploring such opportunities.

6. Next level: Planning to leave job/switching job or business or looking to restart your career after a long break but feeling confused/worried? In this series, I help working professionals, entrepreneurs, startups & droppers to restart their journey in a structured way.

NOTE: My career counseling sessions are a bit hard where you may face bitter reality and I may break your fancy dreams / your own world. If you are ready for such a strong and meaningful conversation, you are most welcome.

best career consultant in india

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