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Redefining Career post covid-19

Redefining Career Post COVID-19

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Redefining Career Post COVID-19, The Covid-19 epidemic has led to the world with fear and uncertainty. This isn’t just a health crisis but millions of people in India have seen an impact on their jobs or businesses or in their regular working styles. We had understood that all had to adopt some new work habits and change the day-to-day routine. We all are facing an unrivaled time and with so much uncertainty. So, it’s a high time to plan a long- term career solutions or career strategy which can help you to come on the other side of the crisis and make your career in a forward direction.

In this difficult time, for an optimistic scenario, we have shared a few points about the essential career transitions taken care so to adopt with a new reality.

Work Transitions in Job / Career Decisions/ Business Owner/ Entrepreneur

This Lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic has broadened the gap between the earlier days and today’s situation. Many of us are staying at home and doing less in terms of social interactions and exercise. Due to the change of working environment, it affects not only businessman, an entrepreneur but also the job hunters, employees, and the students. It’s high time to give a change in your working style that can help you in accelerating your career. Let’s discuss some changes that one could adopt in their working styles:-

●    For Job Hunters:-

In this pandemic situation, many companies have changed their working style and operations. Whatever your situation is, whether you are fresher or in the middle of the job-hunting process or you have faced an unexpected job loss. It’s crucial to focus on what steps you can take over these days which can help in taking your career in a forward direction. Some few points of work transitions for job hunters are listed below:-

1.  Keep connected with Linkedin:

If you don’t have a Linkedin account then, create your profile with Updated Educational Qualifications and experiences. Now, the question arises Why you need Linkedin social media profile for seeking a job? Then, you must know that when you send your CV or resume to any organization, they will google it by your name. The first page appears on your google result page will be the top professional Social Networking site i.e. your Linkedin profile. Keep your profile comprehensive and up to date. Start building your network and research the companies you would like to join.

2.  Work on Remote Skills:

During this period of uncertainty, job hunting seems to be quite different for a while. There will be virtual or online job interviews i.e. via telephonic or video. A lot of businesses, companies, or organization is transitioning to the Digital world. Hence, it is important to develop some digital and technical skills to get boost up your CV plus helps in giving job interviews.

3.  Be Constructive:-

It is easy to convince yourself that it is very difficult to hunt a job in this tough situation. Although it will be inevitable delays in the hiring process so make a proper strategic plan and stick to it. Make checklists, task lists, create a structure of your daily schedule as Consistency and persistence are the watchwords to define this Lockdown situation. 

4.  Be Optimistic –

It is obvious that if you struggle at home day after day, stress and tension will be the outcomes. The Solutions are to create and feel positive vibes by Meditation, exercise, listening to music, watching web series, or any other physical activities. This will help in diverting your brain and infuse you with a sense of positive touch.

5.  Update with New Qualification or New Skills:-

This is not the time to lean back on your bed and do nothing. There are many platforms that are providing new Digital or Online Classes for students, job hunters, and businessmen. Join the classes at staying home and try to update with new skills or get a new qualification. This will really help in your resume or CV and in finding a perfect job for you.

●    For Students:

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted the school and college students along with the teachers. A key aspect in terms of students is learning should be delivered as an extent as possible. Due to this crisis, students are not able to find a proper Classroom environment for learning. For learning professionals and college students, it’s easy to make transitional changes and can start learning through laptops and mobile phones. But, students have to make bigger adjustments as for them, education is in the classroom of schools and colleges where they can’t go now.

Hence, from the relief of their stress and anxiety, here are some few points for students to make some changes during this lockdown which can help in escaping from this situation.

1.   Get Touch with Online Classroom Platforms:-

Start updating yourself to receive education digitally. Even parents and teachers should also support them in learning new skills and their classes online. There are so many different online education portals are trending these days which are user- friendly too. Try to adopt the concept of the virtual classroom where the engagement between the teachers and the students is close to real.

2.   Parents and Teachers be Optimistic to Students:-

Make the environment light-hearted and tension free. It’s their moral responsibility to engage them in new activities and in learning and nurturing them so that they don’t feel boredom. Share the news of COVID-19 too but use the positive phrases in front of them.

3.   Update with New Qualification or New Skills:-

This is not the time to lean back on your bed and do nothing. There are many platforms that are providing new Digital or Online Classes for students, job hunters, and businessmen. Join the classes at staying home and try to update with new skills or get a new qualification. This will really help you in the future and make you feel engaged.

4.   Be Productive:

Shifting to the new schedule is stressful but the part of life. Make a daily- schedule plan and stick to it by making your day valuable and productive. Check that your assignment is complete on time. Living most of the time as an academician life will make you sound boredom so connect with your friends, play games, watch TV, do exercises and Yoga.

●    For Employees:-

Remote working is increasing as a practice of Social Distancing due to the COVID-19 crisis. It’s true that all the Businesses and Companies are struggling due to the disruption of remote working, social isolation, and travel embargoes. Due to this, many employees are grappling in their respective jobs. Their working styles from daily going to office in-office time has changed to the remotely make work your offices at home.

This lockdown not only changed the working styles but transitional decreased the economy. Due to this, it’s pressure and stressful point for many businesses and companies to entertain such a quantity of staff now remotely. In addition, it’s a hard time for those employees who can’t work, or their outcomes of job roles are not defined on Laptops and telephones.

The biggest challenge to create a professional environment at home is very difficult. In addition to this to deal with fluctuating internet speed while attending video call meetings, to handle spouses, kids, and household work. To manage these all things, here are few points to be taken care of for making these days successful in your job career.

1.   Create a workplace separate at home:-

For productive working, it’s an essential and key point to separate your working area at home. During your working hours, make sure that you are feasible and dedicated to the office work regardless of whatever happening at your home. Make sure you make your task list of the daily schedule and stick to it. The attire should be strict as a professional working in an office environment. Avoid wearing night suits, pajamas or nightdresses while working which can maintain your energy level.

2.   Manage work-life balance:-

When there is no one to look after you and your work, generally people become disillusioned with time and engrossed themselves in a piece of work causing time to fly by. When you are remotely working from home, most of it you slip into this pattern and lost most of the productive time. Hence, to maintain a daily routine is essential for your job roles. The work for your company is as important as this lockdown situation is not your holiday time but to strictly look over the economic conditions.

If you feel boredom, then try to engage yourself in physical activities for a short period of time. Hence, maintain a strict daily routine with short breaks to make your work productive.

3.   Set clear targets and expectations:-

Researches have shown that employees are frightened due to their job stability from earlier March. When you work with your boss’s side on the side regularly, it’s easy to meet deadlines and expectations. But online working will increases the manager’s expectation which leads to the stress and anxiety on both ends. The staggered working hours from miles apart, it’s an important duty to have a clear definition of the management of your working style. In terms of your deliverables, assignments, project reports,

Online availability during office hours, etc is crucial to maintain a healthy relationship with the management. You might feel freedom but don’t take things for granted. Strictly make sure that you have clear targets and meet the deadlines on time.

4.   Upgrade your learnings:-

From your productivity standpoint, it’s high time to upgrade yourself by learning different skills or qualifications online. This will help you in developing a quality CV or resume for the future and improve your job roles and position. Get collaborated with Online Courses and applications which are valuable for your career. This will lead to one step ahead on the other side of the crisis and infuse your career in a positive direction.

●    For Businessman/ an Entrepreneur:-

This COVID-19 has impacted many people in different ways. The companies and organizations are facing unprecedented challenges with the financial consequences of the crisis. Many businesspersons or an entrepreneur are concerned about how to manage the productivity levels of employees and organizational cohesion. But with the right tactics and strategy, this pandemic situation can strengthen the organizational productivity level and make sure that the potential of the digital workplace is fully exploited.

Here are some key points to discuss the work transitions for an entrepreneur or a business person:-

1.   Manage your team members:-

Managing a team at the office is quite a different skill to manage remotely. In terms of productivity for your company, there should be properly set up with tools and resources to check work logs, project assignments, etc on a regular bias. Make sure you create a working environment and communicate your team members regularly for creating a healthy relationship with them. Try to understand this tough time and manage it effectively. Make sure you focus on three key points i.e. Transparency, Team engagement, and regular communication.

2.   Make sure to have adequate communication with the team:-

Proper communication should be established daily with Task reports from your end and daily task report from the other team members’ end. This will enhance not only the productivity level of the company but the team engagement and escape the social loneliness from life. Being resilient to change and difficult situations are welcomed traits of employees but not always. So, It’s your moral responsibility to train your employees on how to manage these unprecedented times which can reap many benefits.

3.   Make a clear Task Sheet with Deadlines for every employee:-

With a prolonged period of remote working, employees get a sense of there is no security guard to check their job roles. Hence, for the benefit of your business, make a clear task sheet separately shared online to all employees with strict deadlines. Make sure team heads of every team communicate regarding their task roles on a regular bias. Make use of proper online tools and resources for the regular checkup of their assignments, task checklist, projects, etc.

4.   Maintain a healthy relationship with Clients/ Customers:-

For the world, it’s a very difficult situation in terms of economy and health crisis. It is understandable that your clients won’t pay on time during this lockdown. However, it would be helpful for your business and your relationship with clients or customers to give them sufficient notice and understand this situation. Prefer the delay in payments so to avoid bitterness in the future.

5.   Upgrade your strategies with new marketplace situation:-

With stringent measures to keep people safe and protected, working styles and marketplace has completely changed. Now, your business strategies won’t work at this place in time. Hence, to upgrade according to the new marketplace is an important aspect to look after. Every day browse the internet for updates related to your business and try to work in changing your business tactics for successful direction. Your business should match to reality during and after lockdown. If you are not thinking in this way, then it’s a high time to change and face the reality.


We can’t hide our career due to this lockdown forces. We have to really think about our safe side of the crisis. Regardless of any position i.e. maybe a student, employee, job hunters or a businessman should make a transitional change in their working styles. In these difficult times, we should stand united and can help each other in every possible way we can. It is a bumpy road ahead but we can plan in advance to tackle the major issues. Lifting lockdown is not an easy process but lifting up your career with new skills in not a difficult one.

It’s now time to channelize your thought process regarding your career to make the right path in rebuilding India. Please stay safe at home and be optimistic that like all difficult situations, this will also pass-by as soon as possible.

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