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July 11, 2019by Varun Surana0

Client – Sales Kidhar Hai?

Read This If Your Client Has Complaints That You Are Not Able To Generate Mind-Blowing Revenues For Them!

Being a freelancer of a digital marketing agency, this is one of the biggest complaints from clients that the guy/team who is working on digital marketing for their business is not bringing good revenues for them. I also had a similar experience but now the level of such complaints are reducing day by day at my company

How we have managed I am sharing a few examples which may beneficial for many new budding talents in this industry.


“Becoming a salesman is a good habit but becoming a consultant is the best habit”

Now the problem is maximum trainers or institutes are teaching you how to use various tools or platforms, let me give you some quick techniques to deal with clients, which I personally follow.

1. I have stopped selling my services to those people who treat digital marketing agencies as a sales agent of their business. I make it very clear that please understand this is digital marketing yes MARKETING, which will create a pool of prospects for you for the near future. This is not a digital sales service.

2. I make it very clear that even if you make 0 or if you make crores our fee is fixed, we are offering a core marketing service where sales is purely in your court.

3. I make it very loud and clear that you or your sales team must learn the sales skills, we are not here for spoon-feeding.

4. I make it very clear that we are not responsible if the mobile is switched off or he/she is not responding you mail in case of lead generation.

5. I make it very clear that if “you think digital marketing is expensive, try offline once”.

6. I make it very clear that we don’t understand this “Mazaa Nahi Aya” Term, you have to give some idea or example “Jisme Apko Maja Aaye”

7. I make it very clear that whatever we put on digital platforms is to influence your prospects not to please you or your team.

These are the basic 7 things which we convey to our every customer at the time of beginning so they know that we are not their sales agents. Though we try our best to position in the right way and right place so your client can make money but we cant pull out money from anyone for you.



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