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January 14, 2020by Varun Surana0

Automation Will Not Kill Jobs!

A lot of people are talking that automation will kill the jobs and we l have more unemployed youth and I used to agree before a few months the same. But now realized it’ll only shift the skills where the industry will find people to manage automation tools and service providers will find people who can work on creating, managing & updating the automation tool as the demand will increase.

Yes, if you are in school or college you should forget about existing jobs (Maximum) as technology and automation will change the working style hence the skills gap will increase and if you are not aware of it, its high time when you should start working on these modern skills else life may become horrible in coming days due to this major shift in the market.  


Mobile apps and desktop applications will smooth the working process and will force employers to remove existing non-performing team members but at the same time, they’ll hire fresh talent to operate/manage these automation tools.

Few Latest Examples Of Automation In The Business

  • SMS & Emails are no more manual tasks for many businesses, they have started using SMS / Email automation for cold emails / SMS and followups
  • Field Staff Tracking has been started via various mobile apps where a business owner can monitor all his field staff at just one click
  • CRM & ERP increased the efficiency of the inside sales team and because of efficiency if the business is not growing at a fantastic rate, the employer starts firing a few people from the team
  • Social media apps also started helping businesses to manage all social media accounts in just 1 app
  • Team management and task allotment apps are there where the whole team is connected in one place and the employer can track the productivity, and pending tasks, and set up the priority as well.

These are just a few basic examples that are now even in the reach of small businesses in tier 3 cities as well, if you are not taking this alarming bell you may destroy your career soon.

Feel free to ask your questions related to a career in the comment box, I’ll try to write/create a video on that issue.



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