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January 6, 2020by Varun Surana0

5 Sales Sutra for Entrepreneurs

There are only 5 things which get most of the customer in the retail industry, you can consider these 5 things as a product or you can connect your product or service’s benefit with these points. Your ad designs, sales meetings or content should go around these 5 points.

As per my 10 years’ experience in the retail industry, I have been watching sales closely and found this 5 major SUTRAS 

👉Health-Related Product / Services
👉Tools to make/save money
👉Relationship Related Product / Services
👉Emotional Connect
👉Status Related Stuff

This is how each service or product is sold on the mass level be it insurance, ad products, honeymoon packages, e-commerce store of baby products, or expensive gadgets.

And this applies to physical and digital marketing and most of the businesses can be connected with above 5 major points.

You need to align your product/services sales pitch and marketing collaterals related to these 5 points.

Mark these lines in your mind while creating content for website, blog, designs, lead ads, PPC, Cold calls, one2one meetings or seminar…

I am sure if you take care of these action points, your 2020 will be transformed in a magical way

Varun Surana


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Varun Surana

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