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February 22, 2019by Varun Surana0

How cool it is! To be your own boss!! Yes, it is a dream come true for all the people out there. While it isn’t easy to start and flourish your own business as it takes a lot of time and efforts to bring it in the right state of working.

We are here to guide you through this blog that how to start your own business. Let’s start with step by step details.

Launch the rocket of your business with 5 easy steps and learn to focus on making extra money month by month. What all you need is the right system to get started.

Unique 5 steps system on starting your business-

Step-1 Finding a profitable idea

Step-2 Attracting and luring top paying clients

Step-3 to pitch them your work

Step-4 Deciding the perfect price

Step-5 Investing for yourself

Let me give you a serious breakdown on how to start your business by avoiding some common excuses when it comes in your way to successful implementation.

Let’s elaborate on these steps.

1)  Generating a profitable business idea-

This is probably the most common question which strikes in your mind. Most people don’t start their own business because they don’t have a good business idea. Here are some questions which you can ask yourself in order to generate unique ideas.

(a) What skill set you possess?

(b) According to your friends, what you are good at?

(c) How to spend your extra free time?

(d) What do you already pay extra for?

Answer these questions and find at least 4-5 answers and I bet by the end you will have 10-20 business ideas to work on.

(2) Attracting and finding top paying clients-

 Are you afraid of nightmares of cold calling/emailing? The vast majority of your competitors are downright terrible. Just put your little efforts and you are separated by the right crowd. Take some time crafting perfect pitch for your services to your potential customers.

(3) Pitch them your work

Speak directly to the need of your potential clients and this is a direct key to reach them. Craft your initial reach outs to the needs and concerns of the customers without irritating them. Take the step by step procedure to endure the true pitching of your product to your clients by these simple steps.

(a) Introduction

(b) About the offer

(c) About the benefits

(d) Step foot-in-the-door

(e) Call to action with few ideas on how to help?

(4) Deciding the perfect price-

Tune the perfect price as pricing is a little-confused concept for beginners as to what price I should charge and what price to be kept to lure more potential clients. There are many hard set rules for pricing but there are few handy and thumb rules which you can find out to work on it like

(a) Three zero method- just take your ideal {read or realistic} salary, drop three zeros from it and bingo, you have your hourly rate!

For example, say you earn at least Rs40, 000. Just take out the three zeros from the end and now you have your rate of Rs 40/hour.

(b) Double up “resentment number”– now again it’s really interesting and effective. Ask yourself a question- What’s the lowest rate you’ll work for which will leave you resentful of your work?

(5) Last and most important step- Investing in yourself

Once you will learn how to start a business, your goal will change.

To supplement your income you would like to earn more.

More earning can lure you to work full time.

Get started by investing in yourself and earn till your heart desire.

Learn how this stuff works with us and create what’s called levels of abstraction by our unique guidance.

We would like to offer you a way to start your business by our free consultation.

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